Please complete self-assessment at the end of this training.

1. I can select the tabs to show responses and the correct answer for the selected Knowledge Check question.


2. The Poll Everywhere plugin has a tab to clear responses.


3. The Poll Everywhere plugin does not provide instructions for the participating audience for submitting answers.


4. I can log in to the Poll Everywhere Plugin and select Module group questions based on training session.


5. I can locate the insert tab to check to see if the Poll Everywhere Plugin is installed.


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Project Documentation 

Front End-Analysis 

    1. Project Title: Catholic Charities USA Disaster Case Managers Training
    2. Sponsoring Organization: CCUSA
    3. Project Description: This training is being developed to train trainers on the Disaster Case Managers’ new PowerPoint Add-in Plugin for interactive audience experience.  This plugin is called Poll Everywhere.   Trainers will be able to utilize the interactive plugin for formative assessments during the training.  
    4. Target Audience: Trainers implementing the training course “Disaster Case Managers.”
    5. Delivery: eLearning/hybrid
    6. Learner Characteristics: Trainers experience in implementing CCUSA training courses.  Trainers experienced using PowerPoint and new technologies.  
    7. Learning Theories: Adult Theories (Andragogy/Self-directed, Experiential/Active Learning) 

Theory Applications: 

    1. Explain why specific things are being taught 
    2. Capitalize on the experience of the trainers 
    3. Account for the wide range of different backgrounds of learners 
    4. Allow for self-initiated learning  

Process Analysis 

Trainers learn the Poll Everywhere launching process to use in the instructor-led classroom   (Cognitive-Application/Processes) 

    1. Prior to the presentation:
      • Make sure that PowerPoint software version is 2010 or higher
      • PowerPoint software has Poll Everywhere add-in plugin
      • Login to all modules in Poll Everywhere plug-in
      • Select PowerPoint module group questions
    2. During Presentation
      1. Select question
      2. Explain to learners how to respond to questions
      3. Activate poll question
      4. Show responses
      5. After polling is complete, show correct
      6. Clear responses, optional

Goals and Objectives 

Instructional Goal: Trainers are able to utilize the Poll Everywhere add-in plugin during their instructor-led training with Case Managers. Trainers are able to say:

    1. I can check to see if Poll Everywhere is an add-in in PowerPoint
    2. I can log in to the Poll Everywhere add-in plugin
    3. I can identify and select the required questions for the appropriate module questions
    4. I can select the questions in the designated module
    5. I can give instructions to the case manager training participants
    6. I can activate a question to go live for participants
    7. I can activate the question to show responses
    8. I can demonstrate the correct answer
    9. I can clear the answers


Terminal Objective: Given guidelines, trainers apply activation processes for navigating Poll Everywhere add-in Plug-in. (Cognitive-Application/Processes; Indirect-Psychomotor: Guided Response)  

    1. Enabling Objectives: 
      • The trainer locates the insert section to check for the add-in plugin Poll Everywhere 
      • The trainer installs the add-in plugin.
      • The trainer logs into the Poll Everywhere Portal
      • The trainer selects the designated module that contains the series of questions
      • The trainer selects one of the questions from the designated module
      • The trainer locates and activates the tab that makes the question go live
      • The trainer locates and activates the tab that shows participant responses
      • The trainer locates the instructions that must be given out to the audience
      • The trainer locates and activates the tab that shows the correct answer
      • The trainer locates and activates the tab that clears the answers


    1. Enabling Objectives 
      • Please see the section above
    2. Absorb Activity
      • Trainers view and listen to video/audio explanations for the purpose of each process
    3. Do Activity
      • Employees  practice each process using the practice PowerPoint template online or on their computer/laptop 
    4. Assessment Idea
      • Self-Assessment (Formative)

Course Outline: 

    1. Section 1 (3 Minutes) 
      • Introduction 
      • Overview 
      • Objectives 
      • Requirements
    2. Section 2 (10 Minutes) 
      • Absorb Activities
      • Do Activities
    3. Section 3 (2 minutes) 
      • Self-Assessment


    1. Session Seat Time: 15 minutes
    2. Development Tools:  eLearning Authoring Software
    3. Deliverables: eLearning Modules, Trainer Guide, Process Job Aids, Self Assessment 
    4. Technology: Dual Monitors for Computer/laptop 
      • Internet access to access PowerPoint template online or PowerPoint Application on computer/laptop.